February 2012 Horoscope

There will be a number of developments this month and a few things requiring careful attention.  It is not enough to say that the Dog Star is showing off its brightness, even as it hides its companion.  Nor is it a matter of the moon’s curious appearance.  There have been solar perturbations to say nothing of gross negligence in both the Ensure and Enfamil galaxies, especially in the Sagittarius house.  These may prove improvident. But, enough of these galactic high-jinks.  You can only imagine how it will all turn out.  That said, it might be an interesting idea to take everything out of your pockets at the end of each day, to take a careful, written inventory of what you find and to send that list to a government agency of your choice.  Equally helpful, pin a small card to your shirt that says, “I know nothing.”  This should eliminate the need to answer questions posed by irate officials or anyone in line with you at the grocery store.  This may also be a month in which you might try new recipes or make a technological breakthrough that could garner you national attention.  If so, you may find yourself interviewed by an excitable but completely uninformed television reporter or solicited by someone eager for you to contribute to an obscure cause or charity that plans to double the size of any contributions you make through prayer, by playing the slots or both.  Beyond that, your only concern: the snow blower issue is not yet resolved.  Your best color this month: aubergine.


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  1. solar power…

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