December 2011 horoscope revision

A significant and totally unexpected deviation in the recent lunar eclipse has sent a shock wave through  your horoscope, moving Leo to the left of Scorpio for an unpredictable period.  At the same time, new stars in the Leominster, Leonia and Lyon  galaxies have inexplicably developed a torpid proclivity, despite Mar’s sudden appearance and loud Geminid noises.  This concatenation of adverse events may leave you in the lurch when it comes to recalling where your dark energy coagulator is stored and could lead to a failure to appreciate small towns in New Mexico.  Just to be on the safe side, see if your snow blower starts up and make sure you have a shovel handy.  And, much to your surprise you may find that the guests you have been expecting have already arrived and are looking for an unopened bottle of Kentucky Tavern or any other classy booze that you may have on hand.   But, in all this, there is good news.  A certain programming conundrum that has bedeviled you for weeks may be unexpectedly unscrambled for reasons that may make no sense whatsoever.  If that happens, be sure to have your tires rotated or visit a physician to complain that your “check engine” light should be on. There is always a chance that they are building an overwhelming case against you.  So, spend as much time as possible covering your tracks.

Decorated Dirigible Program –Rendering of Prototype #07, shown with all-weather rigging and anti-static grinders deployed for sideways motion (©mmgilbert 2011)


One Response to “December 2011 horoscope revision”

  1. Rainy Day…

    It was a cold day here today, so I just took to surfing about online and realized…

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